Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday busy Sunday

Right now Adam and I are zipping along the Kennedy expressway doing 70mph. It's only three minutes to the circle, but that's not really a surprise as it's 9:15 on a Sunday evening. It’s kind of a freaky sensation to feel the car lurching and floating and accelerating while I’m busy focusing on this bright computer screen.

I took the laptop with me because I thought I could work on my 365 pictures and videos while we were driving and kill two birds with one stone. That way, when I get home, I only have to upload the pictures and I’m done. That sort of worked; editing the photos isn’t working as well because of the jerking around, and I can’t really tell what color things are on this screen when it jitters. It will have to wait until I get home.

Adam just informed me, “I kind of got stuck in this lane. I have no idea where it’s going!” The Dan Ryan construction is different every time we go into the city, so I could only shrug. I don’t really care; we’ll get home when we get home. He just groaned “UGH, do you smell that White Castle?!” I had to inform him it’s not White Castle, it’s Chicago’s famous Maxwell Street Polish. The aroma of mustard and grilled onions hangs over the expressway like a fog when you come out of the circle. It’s either mouth-watering or nauseating; today it does kind of smell delicious.

118/365, at the baseball game:

I got to finish my book, Fire Along the Sky by Sara Donati while I was at the game yesterday. I love, love, LOVE her as an author. It really feels like I’m THERE with the characters, like I’m another person living in Paradise with them, dealing with the things they deal with. She’s just really a master at what she does. There’s another book after that one in the Wilderness series, but I’m not sure if it’s done yet. I have horrible fears of “Oh my God. What if she was to DIE before finishing the series?! Could I even handle that!?” I feel like the characters actually existed. I told Adam so many of the characters are so wise and always know exactly the right thing to say/do (of course) but then it dawned on me that the author is also that wise—because she’s the one writing what they say. It makes me jealous. And also makes me want to move to the middle of frickin’ nowhere.

This morning, now that Adam had to sit out a game, we got up late (AGAIN) and then worked in the yard. It was supposed to be warm, so I wore a bikini top and a pair of my favorite workout shorts and a bandana and we finally got a lot of our railroad tie project done. FINALLY. We bought the supplies (mulch, weed paper, railroad ties, nails, etc) back in the fall. I didn’t want to see all of it sit around for months, but sit it did. We’ve had piles of bags of mulch in the backyard since September or something silly like that. Finally today we got some of the railroad tie beds done and then I put down the mulch.

119/365, posing with a truck I spied for Adam's dad:



OMG. Listening to this “Home Again” pet recovery system on the radio is just obnoxious, especially with the “Reunited and it feels so good” song at the end. I mean, it’s great your pet is back. But… seriously? Now it has adam singing it out loud. GREAT!

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