Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I's all about the hat here: the other day the dogs ate my Puma hat. I was pretty upset, as this only left me with a pink Notre Dame hat to wear to work. It gets old quickly. Adam yesterday surprised me and said "I got you a Puma hat!" and presented me with this. I immediately thought the green Puma logo looked a bit jewel-toned... and Adam said "I Sharpied the Puma!!"

Yeah; he couldn't find me a green Puma hat, so he Sharpied--no, dry-erase-markered--the Puma on the hat, just for me. :) When I told people this at work they all thought it was ADORABLE and said I have the cutest husband EVER.

Pretty much.

Monday, February 19, 2007

my mom :)

Not my favorite picture of her, but I can't find any scans and I'm too lazy to scan one in... :) This is me as a baby, freshly born in a hospital! :) The story of my birth is pretty typical--my mom's water broke, and my dad insisted she couldn't possibly be right and made her call HIS mom to confirm that her water had, in fact, broke. They drove to the hospital and had me with NO DRUGS. My mom didn't have any sort of drugs for any of us that I'm aware of. (Sidebar: my youngest sister was breech and they "let" my mom birth her vaginally, which I think is awesome, considering.)

Just for kicks, the new parents with ME, their first born! (You can really see "me" in this pic.)