Sunday, September 17, 2006


Look, I'm still alive:

My internet presence has been nil lately. It was a busy weekend. Saturday I got up even earlier than normal and went into the city to work 5 hours of OT training my replacement. Then I tried to take the drug test for my new job but the clinic was GROSS so I left. Then I went home and got all domestic. First I had to clean up after Ruger--he apparently thinks his dog bed is a tasty treat.

Then I had to tackle laundry. It always gets washed around this place but never quite put away. So I sorted it all out on our bed.

When I walked through the kitchen I caught Baby sunning herself...

When I went back into the bedroom I found Fat Boy amusing himself under the coffee table/stereo stand...

I took a break from folding clothes to snap a pic of my yard--I mowed it by myself for the first time ever on Thursday and had a BLAST. I made up my own special Rachel pattern and I have a new appreciation for what Adam goes through every week.

Next it was time to feed the doggies.

Arai looks like a Bull Terrier here.

Ruger is ravenous (always). At least he looks good--I brushed out his coat yesterday!

Back to the laundry. Adam loves his new socks with the skulls on them.

I like folding towels.

I can't stop listening to Nine Inch Nails lately.

Para was enjoying snacking on our new houseplants yesterday. This was during a break...

After all that, we had to go to a wake. We weren't there long, and afterward went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I haven't eaten there in years and it was YUMMY and we got TONS of food and it was CHEAP. That's my kind of meal. We then decided to catch the 10:20 showing of Crank. I mean... HELLO, JASON STATHAM. The movie was not what I expected AT ALL but I enjoyed it. We woke up this morning with one thing to tackle: the driveway. We're getting it resurfaced tomorrow so it was all about prepping it today.
Also on the agenda for today was getting the Camaro ready to store at a friend's garage for the winter. We don't have any more funds to keep working on it so I had to wash and detail it.

Adam moved a bunch of firewood away from the side of the garage and got it super clean in that area thanks to a pressure washer:

But look where he put all of the wood! Right next to HER! (I say that when we get my Camaro functional, we should get personalized plates; his will say "HIS 81" and mine will say "HER 81" and it will be sickeningly cute.) And hello, how hillbilly Indiana is it that we have our firewood stacked outside of the parts car for our Camaro!?

Adam got SUPER DIRTY today.

I got to move around a lot of cars today. We had SEVEN CARS on our property--our Malibu (for sale), our G6, our two Camaros, Adam's Malibu demo, our Monte (for sale) and Bret's Jeep (for sale). OUTRAGEOUS. I drove/moved every single one of them today except for the parts car. It was CRAZY. Then we drove the Camaro to its winter home and put it to sleep...

Adam looking retarded at WalMart...

When we got home B was nice enough to bring the dogs back home--she babysat them today. Then we ransacked the house for the title to the Monte, which we CAN NOT FIND. We got a huge response for it today so I hope to have it sold, just as soon as we can secure a viable title for it. *eye roll* Then we grilled some burgers on the Foreman and Adam is visiting his mom while I sit here, bumming around online when I said I wouldn't. Typical.

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