Wednesday, August 30, 2006

six years

I keep forgetting about this blog!! I know, it's terrible. CBS 2 called Adam yesterday to see if he wanted to be interviewed because of our "sniper" attack on Cline last week. No and no, thanks. He said he would send them pictures if they wanted. I don't want anything to do with TV interviews!!

Yesterday I called my grandmother in Spokane. I haven't talked to her in over a year or more and I haven't seen my grandparents in SIX YEARS.

S.I.X. Y.E.A.R.S.

I told myself I wasn't taking ONE MORE TRIP until I went to Spokane to see them. So, Adam and I are going to Spokane in October!! I am ELATED. We need a vacation together in the worst way and what better vacation than to see my grandparents?? This also means they've never met Adam. Sheesh!

We're leaving Saturday, October 14 in the evening and flying to Seattle. On Sunday the 15th we're hoping to do a brunch cruise around Seattle to take in the sights and also do the Space Needle (I never got around to doing that in all my trips to Washington). Then on Monday the 16th we'll do the [incredibly scenic] drive to Spokane from Seattle. We'll spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with my grandparents in Spokane. On Thursday the 19th we'll need to drive back to Seattle to catch our next flight to... Los Angeles! We'll spend the night in LA at Dan's apartment and then Friday the 20th Anna, Dan, Adam and I will pile into Dan's Civic and drive from California to... LAS VEGAS!

We'll be in Vegas Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday. We'll make the trek back to LA on Sunday, spend the night at Dan's Sunday, and leave for Chicago Monday morning.


I already made an elaborate Excel spreadsheet for this trip. It has the price of attractions we want to see and everything.

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