Wednesday, May 09, 2007

123 & up

Life has been CUHRAZY busy lately. Before my life revolved around OD, and I created a life for myself online. Now I'd rather that my life be played out IRL, and just document it here. It wasn't always like that, and I'm glad it's like that now. I'm just upset that I don't have more time to write! On with the pictures...

123/365, at BW3's as a going away for a coworker, Kate. It was almost awkward because pretty much no one showed up:

124/365, scrubbing shelves in the cafe; there was NOTHING to do Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so I made up jobs for myself.

125/365, I picked this for my 365. I thought it was appropriate and captured the day:

126/365, Adam and I went to watch a softball game on Sunday. A bunch of people from my job are on a team and it was fun to watch, although I did dub it (affectionally) a clusterfuck. But it's just for fun and therefore amusing to watch. Afterwards we went with some people to Pepe's and chatted and snacked. It was a good time and the sky was soooo beautiful:

These are bananas that got sent over to the cafe. We get fruit on Mondays. HELLO, these are greener than GREEN. Cathy said "The bananas are green!" But I had no idea how green they were, and then I HAD to take a picture. They're in a bag ripening up now.

127/365, I actually washed the Fusion yesterday. It was hot outside and the car was filthy, so I dragged out the hose, threw on my bikini top and went to work:


Adam seeded some parts of our ghetto lawn, so he has to water it now:

After yummy Panera and some errand running (baseball supplies), we topped at a little car lot where they were working on tricking out this Monte:

While I was sitting in the car and Adam was checking out a car on the lot, this was quickly approaching all shady-like, so I locked the doors using my foot and snapped this pic:

We went to the Cingular store today where I caved and just got a frickin' free phone already. Check out my sweet old phone on the right:

128/365, sitting in the car waiting for Adam:

To round off the evening, here's a reject: we played catch in the front yard for awhile. I have a tendency to try to hide from the ball. Great! in this pic I was just posing with my glove, but Adam rolled the baseball into the frame just as it snapped the pic (see by my foot):

And that's about it for now! Except: currently obsessed with Timbaland in general, but "The Way I Are" specifically.


Drea said...

I love your photos. Their really unique and fun! Your beautiful 2. Love the short curls.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am still loving all your pics. Please post more!


Nell said...

I really love your glasses...totally funky!


areyouracist said...

hmmm..the "thing" that was approaching you..would "it" happen to be "shady" because he's african american? just a quick question. wonder if you would've thought he was "shady" if he looked like your husband? i am not african american, but let me tell you, if i was,i would consider that HIGHLY offensive.